Saturday, December 10, 2011


it's really hard for me to believe that this is the final month of 2011. it's really hard for me to believe that this is the first blog that i have done in a while. between taking this theology course that wraps up in 3 weeks, seeking volunteer work, and odd jobs, making plans for 2012, it's been hard for me to blog consistently and also create more poetry. i think i needed a break after all that writing that i composed for nanowrimo. that is still on a pause, by the way.  this weekend, however, will be one that i'm going to take for myself, as soon as i stop procrastinating on this homework that should have only taken two hours to do. smh. there are many things that i have to lay out in my head, all sorts of ideas cluttered in the notepad of my ipod touch and some still roaming around in my mind. if i have to put in def poetry on, i will. it would just be wonderful if i had a clear space, with my notebook, music, and wine... and those nestle tollhouse cookies i bought last night. lol. i have to have something sweet! there's also been a lot of writing in my wb group on facebook that i have not looked at. see what happens with life... and procrastination? it's in my sign. don't judge me. i'm known to do it. in fact, we are all known to do it. especially this friend of mine who shall remain nameless. too busy puffing on the blunt when he should be churning out novel number 2. lol. he's probably going to read this because i always post my stuff everywhere.

i can't really talk about subbing that much. my first day, i hated it and i did not return. that's all i'm going to say for now. something in our school system angers me, but that does not mean that i'm going to quit my contributions to it. there's still more on the agenda, but i will tell you that i understand the frustrations of teachers, and people have to understand why these teachers get arrested for "cruelty to a juvenile". there's only so much that we can take.

but right now, i leave you with this funny ass quote that was just said:

"I don't understand why people don't like fruitcake. Most people don't like

fruitcake... It don't taste too bad with hot chocolate." -my 70-year-old 



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