Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 celebrity of the year: janet jackson

everyone claims to be the biggest fan of whatever artist that they are into and everyone has that one artist where they get a constant chunk of inspiration and they hold high regard for. that artist for me is janet jackson, and in 2011, she made me very proud to be a fan of hers, although i am mad as well, which i will explain here. but here are the points of why she is my celebrity of the year.

1. she embarked on her sixth concert tour, number ones: up close and personal, which is in support of her greatest hits album that she released in 2009. the performances that were a part of this series of concerts received predominately positive reviews from critics and was a 10-month international trek that covered north america, europe, australia, asia, and africa. janet showed to her fans that even at the age of 45, she has not lost her touch on stage, even though the concerts were stripped and scaled down to be more intimate, something that she wanted to do. here's my reason why i'm mad: because i didn't get to go. :'( most importantly, the tour was a chance for her to reconnect with fans, tour to places that she hadn't been to in a while, and to network with promoters and reestablish working relationships with them since her 2008 rock witchu tour was a disaster. this tour was also supposed to be 35 shows in 35 cities, representing her 35 number one hits. she went above and beyond that and performed 85 shows, including two tour extensions. so with all of that information, janet's tour was past successful. 

2. janet released her self-help memoir, true you, in february, which also became a #1 new york times bestseller. i bought my own copy and it has become one of my favorite books, and not because it was written by janet. ok, that's a reason. lol. but another reason is because it was honest and to the point. it made me realize that i am still creating the true me, and i had gotten through the book in 3 days! furthermore, it was a book that PROVED that she was not milking off her brother's death. the other jackson siblings that have written books have them centered around michael that makes it look like they are mooching off his legacy. janet didn't. the book solely focused on her and does mention michael, but only a little dose, which is how it should be.

3. she became the face of blackglama for a second consecutive year after a successful campaign last year. janet also partnered with the fashion company to launch her own mink collection, and one day i do plan to get a piece from it. lol. more power to her for having rhinoceros skin against the bloody organization peta (and pamela anderson... the whore). but seriously, animal rights activists have protested outside her concerts like she went out and slaughtered animals for their fur. they are lashing their anger at the wrong person and they really need to change up their activism. janet did not address them and i like how she didn't.

4. this spring, janet inked a film production deal with lionsgate to produce an independent feature film and i'm anticipating how that will turn out. people forget that she started out in the acting world and after her stellar performance in for colored girls, i believe it to be a good turn for her. the performance established her acting career, which she hasn't done much of. she being featured in the recent why did i get married films was mixed reception, but she is an actress, and i believe that she can be a phenomenal actress. it's all about finding the right company and the right director, just like when she struggled in music and eventually linked with jimmy jam and terry lewis. however, she should thank tyler perry and move on. he helped to get her back on screen and she should find a director who can really mold her. 

5. janet had more of a presence with philanthropic efforts this year, headlining fundraisers for different causes at a few of her tour stops, being one of the chairpersons for a couple of fundraising balls for the hiv/aids cause, and recognizing young people in the different cities on her tour. to top it off, she just became the spokesperson for nutrisystem (and is not being paid for this) and co-founded nutribank with nutrisystem founder joe redling. they are committing to donate $10 million in food contributions to world hunger by the end of 2012. me, i don't care if she is using the plan or not using it. you cannot criticize fighting world hunger.

janet jackson is one of the few iconic artists today who are considered to be free agents, meaning that she can do whatever she wants. the content on her last three albums explains that she hasn't been inspired musically and that's what happens when you are trapped in a contract that you don't want to be in and can't immediately get out of. i love that she is doing what makes her happy and that she doesn't feel the need to be competitive or to prove anything to the public. i also love the fact that she isn't trying to regain her prime, but enjoying her impact, legacy, and contributions to entertainment. there are plenty of people who are desiring new janet music and that it is time to put out an album. i agree... to some extent... but the longer i wait, it makes me more anticipated for what she is cooking up. in february, it will be four years since she released a studio album and i feel that whenever she releases new music that it will be worth the wait. at this point, she is doing music because she wants to, and when she does it, it will be amazing. 

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  1. First of all I LOVE that WE love, Love LOVE JANET! She's is my inspiration and glad to share that love with another fan!

    The only thing I had a problem with in your write up was at the end. And to clarify it's not a problem, just difference of opinion. You stated

    "the content on her last three albums explains that she hasn't been inspired musically and that's what happens when you are trapped in a contract that you don't want to be in and can't immediately get out of. "

    Though, like yourself, I am an UBER FAN, I am also objective. I did like her last 3 albums (I don't count #1s as it's a greatest hits album - DamitaJo, 20 Y.O., & Discipline). I think like all of Janet's albums, you see where she is, and how she feels about what's going on with her. I don't think she puts out "uninspired music". I think every lyric she does she finds a way to make it true for her. All 3 albums have some of my JAMZ on them, so I don't see them as uninspired as through Janet's talent I was definitely inspired. SIDE NOTE: Also, I think it's interesting that most of Discipline she didn't write, which is a hallmark of her success, putting her life into her music.