Tuesday, November 8, 2011

verdict for conrad murray

in the living room yesterday, i watched as the verdict was read in the conrad murray trial in the death of michael jackson, and i applauded the jury's decision. guilty for manslaughter. finally, an end to this chapter of 2 years and 4 months.

i felt the charge was appropriate and i am looking forward to the sentencing on november 29. however, dr. murray didn't act alone in this whole tragedy. i don't think that he did this with malice or evil, but he messed up and this is something that he was not supposed to do as a medical professional. you do not administer painkillers or prescription drugs to someone who  is an addicted to them, no matter how much they beg for it. wrong is wrong, and that is what he did.

there are others who are involved in this, even some people who were in the making of the 'this is it' tour that mj was set to be on. fact: there are no winners here. dr. murray will be serving a prison term and the king of pop remains dead. a justice has been done, but there is nothing to party about really. i have given my applause on the verdict and left it alone. 

who is really responsible? anonymous persons who probably feel some guilt right now, dr. murray, and michael jackson himself. here's why.

don't get me wrong. i am a huge mj fan, always have been and always will, but it is not an illusion that he had a problem. it is fact that he was addicted to painkillers and prescription drugs for over 20 years. he kept on pushing his limits to going bigger and bigger with his celebrity status and with trying to retain his king of pop title. his family attempted to intervene several times and were unsuccessful. even one of his nurses warned him that if he kept using the drugs, he would go to sleep and never wake up. he knew the risks. yes, he was the biggest music megastar on the planet,  but he was still a human being and he had problems. many of his fans are in denial about that, like he was perfect and didn't fuck up himself.

yes, michael jackson was a king, a music king, but he was still a human being.

so now, i hope that all of us can finally move on. let him take his eternal peace and let's listen to the wonderful music he left behind. i wonder how dr. murray is doing today. y'all, isn't that picture funny? i snapped it and as soon as it went click, he made that pose. priceless. :)

come on... you have to laugh at something in this whole matter. lol

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  1. YES! I agree %250! I'm quite sure he didn't mean to harm Michael, but he did harm him unfortunately. I really think he was just trying to be nice and lenient with Michael. He knew what made Michael happy and wanted to supply him with what brought him joy. Some doctors are like that, they're so nice that they give you whatever you ask for, which is kind of better than a pain in the ass doctor who'll only give you half of what you need. I digress. I'm so glad you addressed the important issue: Michael's drug addiction. SO many of his fans thought he was an angel and had no part in it, that he was murdered by bloody latex gloves, when in reality Michael's own sparkly white glove had a hand in his death. It kind of sickened me seeing the people crying, calling relatives/friends, and celebrating outside of the courtroom. I like Michael too, but DAMN.