Friday, October 21, 2011

spirit day

last night, when I came home from an open mic, I was offended by a status of one of my Facebook friends. she was talking about bullying and said that it was not a good idea to wear purple to speak out against anti-gay bullying, that there should be a purple week and everyone should speak out against all bullying. what was said put me in a funky mood because it was an immediate shutdown of what the gay community is trying to do. this is how i am feeling.

1. I do not condone any kind of bullying. all bullying is wrong. but because i strongly advocate anti-gay bullying, that doesn't mean that its more important.

2. LGBT youth are killing themselves. It is an epidemic in this country. why should we not speak out? we have to get the message out to save lives. the numbers have been on the rise since September 2010. don't believe me? check the news.

3. purple, in the gay pride flag, means spirit. some people need to brush up on educating themselves before they open their mouths. yesterday we remembered the youth who committed suicide and celebrated their spirits. why can't we do that?

many of us are going to rock our purple for the cause. if you're against it, then that's something you should work on. saying that we shouldn't wear purple for the anti-gay bullying cause is like saying don't wear a pink ribbon for breast cancer, when there are other forms of cancer.

some need to learn and some need to unlearn.


  1. I didn't mean to upset you and I respect your point of view...But I still stand by my status. I think maybe you misinterpreted what I meant. I support the LGBT community, always have, I wasn't saying that we should not support the gay community in this fight. I say this 'cause some kids feel 'trapped'. They're not bullied for being gay, so they may not feel it's important enough to speak about. Kids who are not gay have also committed suicide due to bullying. It's an epidemic all around. I just think we should embrace the entire topic, and not just the part that we can relate to.